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Antiquarian Children's Books

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1 Anonymous DOINGS OF THE BODLEY FAMILY IN TOWN AND COUNTRY, with 77 illustrations ... First Edition, by author of "STORIES FROM MY ATTIC", "DREAM CHILDREN", and "SEVEN LITTLE PEOPLE AND THEIR FRIENDS", selling in the UK.
New York: Hurd & Houghton; Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1876. 
Hard cover, wide 8vo, illustrated boards. Condition: G, contents VG. Someone has covered the edges in passe-partout, which may be removable. Rare in the UK: no other example found on internet at time of listing. Weight 1200g. 
Price: 19.50 GBP
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2 Anonymous FOR LITTLE CHICKS ... an Edwardian Children's Book, Rare, selling in the UK.
London: Griffith, Farran, Browne & Co., undated, c.1905. 
Hard cover, pictorial boards, 9" x 7", title page apparently missing. Some pencil scribble which can probably be erased. Chiefly of interest fo the excellent engravings and for the naive articles (e.g. the North Pole: "The great white bear is king of it all, and no one comes to disturb him. It is always dark at the North Pole...." and more in similar vein. Excellent adverts including a beautiful one on the back cover for Cadbury's Cocoa; another near the back for Keating's Powders (unrivalled in destroying BUGS FLEAS MOTHS BEETLES) with a picture of a woman sweeping dead creatures off a bed. A small boy is entering the room saying "Mother is the battle over? Thousands have been slain they say!" to which Mother replies "Yes, thanks to KEATING'S", and another ad inside the front cover for Fennings' Children's Powders ("DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD DIE. Fenning's Powders Prevent Convulsions. (etc.) Alfred Fennings, Cowes, I.W." Rare: only one other example found on internet at time of listing. Weight 500g. 
Price: 22.50 GBP
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3 Anonymous (pub. F. Warne & Co.) PINAFORES, RED-COATS AND BLUE-JACKETS (Pinafores, Red Coats & Blue Jackets): A Nursery Toy Book ... First Edition, selling in the UK.
London: F. Warne & Co., Bedford St.., W.C.; Chromolithographed by Emrik & Binger, 15Holborn viaduct, London W.C. 
Hard cover, red cloth with gilt & black cover decoration, 10.5" x 9.4", 87pp. Condition: Poor but believed complete. Most page edges are ragged; some pages loose; the delightful illustrations, mainly in colour, are mostly still superb. Contains 4 sections: Old Nursery Rhymes; Old Nursery Songs; The Soldier's Alphabet; The Sailor's Alphabet. Rare: no other example found on internet at time of listing. Weight 1000g. 
Price: 69.50 GBP
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4 Author of "URANIA" and "THE PEARL" LAURA AND ELLEN ... selling in London.
Published by George Routledge, London & New York, 1873. 
Hard cover, 6.5" x 4.2", malachite green beaded cloth with stamped design in black, lettered in gilt; 158pp + 32pp publisher's catalogue. "New Edition". Rare title - we could find no mention of it anywhere on the internet. Appears to be a typical Victorian morality tale concerning two young girls (whose command of the English language is extremely precocious). Condition: VG. Packed weight 300g. 
Price: 68.50 GBP
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5 AVERY, Harold ... illustrated by P. B. HICKLING TRUE TO HIS NICKNAME ... selling in London.
Published by Thomas Nelson, undated, plates dated 1906 by the artist. 
Hard cover, tobacco cloth decorated in darker brown and white, with central circular stuck-on cover illustration of startled-looking boy holding a lantern; 8vo. First Edition. Nice coloured plates by P. B. Hickling. Condition: almost G++ apart from sppotting on edges and leaning spine. Packed weight 800g. 
Price: 10.95 GBP
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6 BARNICOAT, Constance ... original sketches by Brinsley LE FANU The School and Scholar Series, founded by W. T. Stead: THE ANIMALS AT THE ZOO (The Sixth Nature Reader) or, The Children's Holiday at the Zoological Gardens ... rare, selling in London.
Published by Stead's Publishing House, Bank Buildings, Kingsway, London, W.C., 1910. 
Paperback (well, actually just a paperfront, as it's lost its back cover). 12mo, 60pp + publisher's ads, illustrated "With Sketches made in the Zoological Gardens by our own Artist" (they mean Regent's Park Zoo and the Irish artist Brinsley Le Fanu). Some of the scenes, particularly the entrance, are still unchanged today. This book originally appeared as Books For The Bairns, No. 136. Condition: front cover (paper) G-; back cover missing; contents VG. RARE: no other example found anywhere on internet at time of listing. Weight 200g. 
Price: 88.50 GBP
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7 Bell & Daldy (Publishers); no author stated; engravings by H. Vizetelly, Greenaway & Wright, E. Dalziel, W. G. Mason et al. Bell and Daldy's Illustrated School-Books: THE SCHOOL PRIMER ... illustrated with Sixty-five Engravings ... First Edition, selling in London.
Published by Bell & Daldy, 186 Fleet Street, London, undated, c.1840. Printed by Strangeways and Walden, 28 Castle St., Leicester Square. 
Hard cover, brick-red cloth with title on paper label on front cover; 64pp, 12mo. Condition: covers detached but not excessively worn; stitching very sloppy; a few loose pages (but complete). Delightful engavings on most pages. Those with identifiable signatures are by H. Vizetelly, Greenaway & Wright, E. Dalziel, and W. G. Mason. Rare: no other example found on internet at time of listing. Weight 300g. 
Price: 88.50 GBP
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8 BROWN, J. Howard THE WHITEDOWN CHUMS : A Tale of School Life ... selling in London.
Published by S. W. Partridge & Co. Ltd., London, undated, c.1920. 
Hard cover, red cloth, 8vo, with coloured frontispiece showing 3 boys being chased by a bull. Condition: some spine wear and some foxing, otherwise generally VG; no d/j. Weight 600g. 
Price: 11.95 GBP
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9 BROWNING, Robert THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN : Rare MARSPEN LIBRARY (Marks & Spencer) Edition ... selling in London.
Published by Marks & Spencer Ltd., London: Marspen Exclusive Series of Children's Books, undated, c.1910. 
Soft varnished illustrated cover, 16pp. Generally worn & covered in minor creases but no serious tears and no loss. Rare. A fascinating item for students of Marks & Sparks's history. Packed weight 300g. 
Price: 14.99 GBP
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10 BURGESS, Thornton W. ... illustrated by George KERR MOTHER WEST WIND'S CHILDREN by Thornton W. Burgess ... VG 1911 First Edition.
Published by Grosset & Dunlap, 1911. 
Small hard cover book, 12mo, mid-blue cloth illustrated and lettered in black. First Edition. Condition: VG++. Amazingly well preserved.Packed weight 400g. 
Price: 11.50 GBP
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11 BURNSIDE, Helen Marion THE LOST LETTER or The Adventures of a Postage Stamp : A` Story of the Relief of Lucknow ... 1919 First Edition.
Published by Ward, Lock & Co., London, 1919. 
Small hard cover book, green buckram decorated in lighter green, 12mo, 96pp plus b/w frontispiece. First Editions dated 1919 are very hard to find. Condition: VG. Owner's name on front endpaper: " Harry Greensmith, August 1922". Packed weight 300g. 
Price: 18.95 GBP
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12 BURROUGHES, Dorothy THE ODD-LITTLE-GIRL ... rare title by author of "The Little Brown Bear" ... selling in London.
Published by Methuen, London, 1932. 
Small squarish hard cover book, 151pp, illustrated by the author. Rare title, by author of "The Little Brown Bear". Condition: VG, in G to VG unclipped dust jacket. Weight 400g. 
Price: 188.50 GBP
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13 C ALDECOTT, Randolph; Oliver GOLDSMITH Collection of 4 RANDOLPH CALDECOTT Books: (1) THE MAD DOG (c.1890); (2) THE FOX JUMPS OVER THE PARSON'S GATE - One of R. Caldecott's Picture Books (1883 1st); (3) THE FARMER'S BOY (1881); (4) R. CALDECOTT'S PICTURE BOOK No. 4 (reprint). .
Published by Frederick Warne (1) and (4); George Routledge & Sons (2) and (3). 
Four books illustrated by Randolph Caldecott. The first three are Victorian originals (all with card covers) and the last is a modern litho reproduction (small hard cover book). Mad Dog has an apparently unnecessary adhesive tape repair to the spine, covers only G, contents VG. The Fox Jumps Over the Farmer's Gate has a similar act of vandalism with tape, but also perpetrated inside the covers as well as outside; the contents are also VG but quite heavily foxed in places (as the title would suggest); The Farmer's Boy has no sticky tape but does need it, as both covers are detached; contetns again VG apart from foxing; and Picture Book No. 4, which is thrown in just for the sake of it, has lost its spine, covers G+, contents Fine. Total packed weight 600g. 
Price: 39.95 GBP
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14 CARRUTHERS, M. I. K.., Mary Bourchier SANFORD, E. E. COWPER, Margaret COURIER, Ethel TALBOT, Sibyl B. OWSLEY, Mrs. Osborn HANN. A SCHOOLGIRL'S TREASURE BOOK : A Close Finish. Jolly Stories for Girls. Prize label PENTREPOETH METHODIST SUNDAY SCHOOL, MORRISTON.
Published by Collins Clear-Type Press, London & Glasgow, undated, 1937 prize label. 
Hard cover, illustrated paper boards, quarto. Packed weight 500g. 
Price: 14.95 GBP
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15 CLARKE, Mrs. Henry ... 13 illustrations by W. S. STACEY LITTLE MISS VANITY ... First Edition, selling in London.
Published by Blackie, undated, 1916 prixe label. 
Hard cover, 8vo, illustration on front cover. Condition: G+, no d/j. Prize label: "Wesleyan Reform Sunday School, Hucknall: Presented to Alice M. Gilbert (2nd) for attendance, 1916". On the front endpaper a child has drawn a house with washing hanging on a clothes line (in pencil). Weight 500g. 
Price: 9.50 GBP
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16 CRANE, Walter (arranged & decorated); EVANS, Edmund ; tunes collected & arranged by L. C. THE BABY'S BOUQUET : A Fresh Bunch of Old Rhymes & Tunes ... selling in the UK.
London: George Routledge & Sons, undated, believed 1878. 
Hard cover, 54pp, 7.2" x 7.4". Boards poor; contents G but stitching quite loose. Some songs in English, some in German. Includes "The Old Woman of Norwich". All our books are carefully priced to ensure that you cannot buy a cheaper copy in the UK on the internet in the same or better condition. We will happily supply further details of condition, size, binding, etc., upon request. Weight 300g. 
Price: 33.50 GBP
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17 Darton's CHILD'S FIRST BOOK or, UNIVERSAL PRIMER Darton & Co. (publishers); no author given ... First Edition, selling in the UK.
London: Darton & Co., Holborn Hill, undated, c.1850 (from contemporary engraving of a locomotive). 
Hard cover, original marbled boards with brown leather spine & corners, 7.25" x 5.4", numbered in sections 32+32+32pp. Printed in a beautiful and unusual large typeface (about 14-point, but set solid) and containing a large number of exquisite engraved plates and vignettes in the text. Unfortunately a lot of these have been overpainted in what looks like poster paint (possibly removable with great care). The contents are otherwise almost perfect. The boards too are very good, although the front one has become detached. There is a nice coloured frontispiece of a wealthy-looking family group (mother, father, 5 children, nursemaid and 2 dogs), entitled "Leightons & Taylor". One of the engravings in the text is a beautiful picture of an early steam locomotive, London to Birmingham No. 1. Rare: no other example found on internet at time of listing. Weight 300g. 
Price: 88.50 GBP
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18 DASENT, Sir George Webbe (translation); F. J. SIMMONS (selection, adaptation & preface); Reginald L. and Horace J.KNOWLES (illustrations). NORSE FAIRY TALES Selected & Adapted from Translations by Sir George Webbe Dasent.
Published by S. T. Freemantle, London, and J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia, 1910; printed in Edinburgh by Morrison & Gibb Ltd. 
Hard cover, original illustrated boards, small 8vo, 463pp + 6 plates in colour. First Edition thus. Condition: not very good. The back cover is so badly rubbed that the illustrations are scarcely discernible, and the front board is not a great deal better. The illustrations on the spine have survived rather better, but the spine leans quite badly. However, nothing is torn. Internally the story is rather less gloomy: the front hinge is intact, while the rear hinge is cracked but holding. There are no loose pages or plates. The pages are generally VG and the plates and beautiful coloured double-page half title are all FINE. Some of the line drawings have been colouerd in with crayon, reasonably neatly, but the plates have not been touched. The last page has a small piece cut out with scissors and a corner torn off (both below "THE END" so no text is affected). The back endpaper has a lot of pencil scribble. Packed weight 900g. 
Price: 125.00 GBP
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19 DILLON, The Hon. Ethel ... with 2 illustrations & cover by H. K. A. ROBINSON DICKIE ... MINT First Edition, selling in the UK.
London: The Religious Tract Society, undated, c.1920. The Little Ones' Library. 
Tiny hard cover book, 6" x 4.3", 48pp. Delightful cover illustration in colour. Rare: no other example found on internet at time of listing. Weight 200g. 
Price: 88.50 GBP
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20 DIMMOCK, F. Haydn (Editor of "The Scout" ... illustrated by Henry BROOKES THE CLUE OF THE IVORY CLAW ... FINE, selling in London.
Published by C. Arthur Pearson, Henrietta Street, London, undated, c.1920. 
Hard cover, blue illustrated buckram, 8vo. Condition: FINE. An incredibly well preserved book. Apart from a little foxing, you would think this over 80-year-old book had just been printed. A ripping yarn about boy scouts, dedicated by the author to past & present members of the 3rd Enfield Troop of Boy Scouts "with whom I have spent many happy hours". . Packed weight 600g. 
Price: 88.50 GBP
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